Distributed Workforce

Work from anywhere, anytime.

Technology and our ability to harness its power for increased productivity has certainly come a long way. High-speed, secure networking has evolved beyond the Local Area Network to Wide Area Networks, the Internet, Smartphones, PDAs, and beyond – meaning doing business is easier than ever.


If your business could benefit from all that networking and mobile solutions have to offer, Effective Computer Solutions, LLC can help you get connected – for greater efficiency, improved collaboration and increased productivity.

Local or Remote? Wired or Wireless?

Your ability to remain continually connected is now a reality, whether you’re spending time at home, traveling for business or even on vacation. You and your staff can increase productivity and enhance collaboration, simply by enabling our mobile accessibility solutions.

Speed and Security

With the promise of global connectivity comes the need for speed on your internal network, along with hardened security requirements. Our network and mobile solutions are designed to guarantee your ability to service your remote users’ requests for data quickly and securely, preventing unauthorized intrusion attempts with intrusion detection, virtual private networking and advanced firewalling techniques.

Home Office or Branch Office?

Remote locations need a continuous, stable, and secure connection. A Secure virtual private network, or VPN, provides an inexpensive, secure and reliable method to connect.

Smartphones and PDAs

For the ultimate answer in staying connected, Smartphones and PDAs are the way to go. No longer do Blackberry and PDA owners have exclusive access to functions like Live Email and Calendar access. Smart cell phones have now entered the arena with numerous models, each sporting its own set of features and benefits.

Let us show you how to take your connectivity needs to the next level with true mobility.

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