Robert Kilian

Medsphere purchased Clinical Informatics Associates in Indianapolis in 2007, who had been supported by ECS since 2004. Given CIA's high level of satisfaction with ECS and despite Medsphere having a fully-complemented IT staff and datacenter space near our corporate headquarters, we chose to remain with ECS for IT support of the Indianapolis office. When we closed the Indianapolis office, we took advantage of ECS' hosting services and the monitoring and support services were so good that we nearly forgot the Indianapolis infrastructure was around until it was time to finalize integration of that infrastructure into the existing corporate infrastructure.

ECS was always remarkably responsive despite the time of day or day of week, and did a fantastic job of supporting the Indianapolis users as well as being extremely proactive in monitoring systems and keeping us in the loop on hardware/systems health. Should Medsphere re-establish a presence in the greater Indianapolis area again someday, we'll be looking to ECS to make it happen."

Director, Information Technology
Medsphere Systems