Greg Stephens

ECS implemented some capital projects, replacing our servers and revamping our file storage and archiving systems. They continue to provide consulting services for us, including desktop support and system administration (servers/network, antivirus, and spyware systems). By using ECS, we were able to eliminate a full-time administrator. Now, ECS monitors our systems remotely and provides us with in-house service for a designated number of hours a week, plus any additional calls that we request."

Principal, Director of Engineering
Mussett, Nicholas, and Associates

Robert Kilian

Medsphere purchased Clinical Informatics Associates in Indianapolis in 2007, who had been supported by ECS since 2004. Given CIA's high level of satisfaction with ECS and despite Medsphere having a fully-complemented IT staff and datacenter space near our corporate headquarters, we chose to remain with ECS for IT support of the Indianapolis office. When we closed the Indianapolis office, we took advantage of ECS' hosting services and the monitoring and support services were so good that we nearly forgot the Indianapolis infrastructure was around until it was time to finalize integration of that infrastructure into the existing corporate infrastructure.

ECS was always remarkably responsive despite the time of day or day of week, and did a fantastic job of supporting the Indianapolis users as well as being extremely proactive in monitoring systems and keeping us in the loop on hardware/systems health. Should Medsphere re-establish a presence in the greater Indianapolis area again someday, we'll be looking to ECS to make it happen."

Director, Information Technology
Medsphere Systems

Alan Wlasuk

We are software consultants who specialize in producing custom software for the telecommunications and agriculture industries. We've been around for 15 years as a small business. Recently, we developed software for a company that manages some of the largest data centers in the world, in terms of uptime, serviceability, etc. ECS installed a system to monitor our infrastructure and to monitor what equipment was on our network. ECS is competent, consistent, and has very structured programs in place to assist its clients."

WDD Wlasuk, Delporte, Davis, Inc.

David Upchurch

Energenuity produces energy software for the deregulated energy industry, building Web-based applications. We have a development infrastructure that allows developers to get into the developer code, and ECS helped set that up. We would highly recommend ECS to other businesses. their willingness to work through projects and fit our budget, as well as come up with ideas out of the box, works well with us as a startup company. I would characterize ECS's services as delivering what they agreed to deliver. We emphasized up-front that we didn't want any surprises with our charges, and ECS did exactly what they said they were going to do. Everything was laid out and planned ahead of time. In the end, what ECS did for us was something that we could NOT do internally at the time. We were a small company and didn't have the knowledge or expertise that ECS was able to provide for us."


Matt Zentz

We had a Web site for one of our customers that linked to a Harry Potter Web site. We would get a ton of hits and traffic in one day, and it brought everything to a crawl. We knew we needed some infrastructure upgrades, but didn't have the budget or time to do it ourselves. In the meantime, every customer of ours was suffering, and it was bringing the whole network down. We needed help instantly. ECS researched the infrastructure, monitored the problem, and they were able to pinpoint exactly where our problem area was. Now, our site just screams compared to what it was. Things used to take a long time to load, and now it's amazingly quick."


Eric Tinsley

Our company helps seniors and families deal with the complexities of aging. We do this through licensed setup software products and direct service delivery. ECS helped us with our infrastructure needs as we were growing our fledgling business when it wasn't economical for us to hire our own staff. ECS was committed to getting things fixed and willing to come on-site immediately as needed. They always stepped up to the task at hand and got the task done. We'd recommend ECS without any reservations."

Chief Technical Officer
My Health Care Manager LLC